Michelle, an award winning interior designer, offers clients a unique combination of local experience and modern vision. She is a Design graduate of the University of Florida’s College of Architecture and an Allied Member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Before launching MJ Designs, she acquired several years’ experience with interior design firms in the region and is a fourth-generation resident of St. Petersburg.

At a time when external noise seems to rarely relent and tranquility in our living spaces is more important than ever, Michelle creates balanced, clean designs largely inspired by minimalism. Rooted in intentionality, purpose and a sense of clarity, the question repeatedly asked within this design philosophy is how much can be taken away without losing essential identity. It is through this lens which Michelle conceives of striking, harmonious homes designed for inspired living.

As a consulting professional, she endeavors to adapt her insights, knowledge, and experience to the tastes and goals of her clients to attain a shared creative vision.

Kristen Headshot.jpg

kristen bullard - design assistant

Kristen’s roots in St. Petersburg go back several generations, giving her a unique
understanding of what makes design at once locally authentic and current. 

”Kristen’s eye for high design and fashion is an incredible asset to our team,’’ Michelle says. ‘’She has an intuition for details and regularly identifies small touches in our design work that make a big impact on the overall aesthetic. There is no doubt that she is 'of the moment' or even a few steps ahead.”

Kristen says she was first called to interior design at five years old, when she began spending hours building models on computer games and could regularly be found rearranging and redecorating her room. Today she finds design inspiration in travel, and is a huge lover of dogs. And she still enjoys redecorating her room.