At MJ Designs we believe in intentional, minimalistic design. Pairing down the excess to create a space in which each piece of furniture, every color and texture, and every detail comes together to strike a balance that is unique and meaningful to you. A harmony between home and high design that goes beyond the aesthetic and echoes a way of life.

Our philosophy of living deliberately with less means that we won’t fill a space just because we can. It means quality over quantity. And it means that the cushions on your sofa and the finish of your tiles and the flow of your living room will make a statement without being garish or pushy. Because we know that when you rid your life of unnecessary clutter, what you’re left with is the ebb and flow of tranquility and an inspired space where you can stretch out and breathe deeply.

We also know that achieving harmony in this way is deeply personal. For that reason, we are committed to working side-by-side with you to explore your style, tap into your values, and help you define how you want your home or office space to feel. With our experience in creative, cost-effective problem solving, we can help you turn complicated jobs into innovative, striking solutions.

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